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AZ Truck Drivers - with Logging Experience

Expedition Helicopters Inc.

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Tribal Logistics Inc. is looking for Full-Time AZ Truck Drivers preferably with Logging Experience

Primary Focus

In general, duties include operating and maintaining transportation vehicles with a focus on safety and customer courtesy; performing daily pre-trip and post-trip vehicle inspections; maintaining daily logs, fueling the vehicles; ensuring that periodic scheduled vehicle maintenance is completed and reported; preparing trip reports; preparing accident and incident reports as necessary; performing minor maintenance tasks on the vehicles when necessary; and providing other services as requested by management when not engaged in transportation service. All duties are to be conducted in accordance with Company Policy and all applicable legal requirements, i.e. Highway Traffic Act and Regs, Fuel Handling Code, etc. 


Direct (accountable for)

  • Operates assigned vehicle in a safe and courteous manner;

  • Maintains defensive driving;

  • Provides a communication link between customers and management (all communication must be conducted in a professional manner)

  • Reads and interprets maps and driving directions to plan the most efficient route service for customers, and reads and interprets road signs in English;

  • Keeps the assigned vehicle(s) clean inside and outside;

  • Maintains accurate, up-to-date records on trip sheets, customer transportation forms, vehicle maintenance, fuel purchases, incident reports, accident reports, TDG forms/records vehicle condition reports and other records that are requested from management;

  • Fuels the assigned vehicle(s);

  • Coordinates the schedule for major or periodic vehicle maintenance with management and staff to minimize service interruptions;

  • Responds immediately to accident or medical emergencies by notifying emergency response providers, and rendering First Aid if certified until emergency personnel arrive; Immediately report any incident/accident to Fleet Manager or designate

  • Serves as a positive role model while providing transportation service

  • Verify all the relevant documents regarding his/her freight before leaving and should not lose them during the journey

  • Ensure proper load securement practices are maintained at all times

  • Ensure all legal documents are valid and on board the vehicle, i.e. ownership, insurance, oversize permits, etc.

  • Ensure all annual inspections are valid

  • When operating the fuel truck: conduct fuel tank inspections, dips, etc. and communicate any concerns with the Fleet Manager

  • Work within Company Rules, Regulations, Policies, Programs and Procedures and work in compliance with all Health, Safety and Environmental Laws.

  • Other duties as may be assigned
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Expedition Helicopters Inc.

190 ON-11, Tunis, ON P0N 1J0, Canada

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AZ Truck Drivers - with Logging Experience

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