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The Algonquin Regiment Canadian Army Reserve - Part Time Infanteer

CDSSAB - ES -Cochrane

Temps partiel • Cochrane Région

Infanteer - Part Time
Timmins, ON
The Algonquin Regiment Canadian Army Reserve


Infantry Soldiers are the Army’s primary combat fighters and are responsible
for closing with and engaging the enemy
Infantry Soldiers are capable of operating anywhere in the world in any
environment – Arctic tundra, mountains, jungle or desert – and in any combination
of arms, including airmobile and amphibious operations. The primary duties of an
Infantry Soldiers are to:

  • Expertly operate and maintain a wide range of weapons, including rifle,
  • hand-grenades, light, medium and heavy machine-guns, and anti-tank
  • weapons
  • Use sophisticated equipment for field communications, navigation and
  • night-vision surveillance
  • Inspect and maintain weapon systems, vehicles, survival gear and personal
  • defensive equipment
  • Employ camouflage and concealment, patrol, assault, defence, and escapeand-evasion tactics.


The minimum required education to apply for this position is the completion of the
provincial requirements for Grade 10.


Basic training for 5 weeks followed by one of three CAF training centers for 7
weeks of Infantry training.

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CDSSAB - ES -Cochrane

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